Passion for acoustics and design: constantly evolving project.

Noverb Design

Noverb Design was born from the meeting of two sound engineers, with different experiences behind them but united by a passion for acoustics and design. The goal is to meet the needs of a vast and heterogeneous audience, which for years has understood the importance played by sound in their work environment.


The company's mission is to be able to make any environment acoustically comfortable, offering elegant and efficient solutions. Our intervention can be "invisible" with simple solutions that are perfectly integrated with the space, or with furnishings, choosing more refined and distinctive shapes.


The constant search for certified, functional and aesthetically pleasing materials, combined with our philosophy of design at the service of acoustics, makes our solutions perfect for anyone who wants to produce a positive experience of their environment.


Our clientele ranges from restaurant and hospitality business owners, to sound professionals, or to architects and interior designers. All people who care about the acoustic performance of their space, can easily find in our products the solution that best suits their needs.

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