Collaborating with us is very easy: you tell us your idea and your needs, we identify the characteristics of the space and offer you a solution.

Customized solution
The need

The first step is to let us tell you about your needs. Knowing the activities that take place in your space, what are the elements that characterize its design and the acoustic problems that you have experienced while living it, will help us to develop a careful analysis of your needs and the aesthetic result you want to achieve.

The space

At this point, we move on to studying the environment and its characteristics: dimensions, acoustic performance, any structural dimensions, particular constraints or surfaces to be left free. This phase can take place through our inspection or thanks to surveys carried out by you under our supervision and the sending of photographic documentation.

The solution

By combining your needs with the characteristics of the environment, we will offer you a customized solution. Predicting how your space will change can be difficult: through 3D projections we will show you the intervention we have imagined, so that you can have it under your eyes.

Tell us about your space!


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A team of experts will listen to your needs, understand the particularities of your space and guide you in choosing the most suitable solution for you.

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